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Payquick Check Cashing


Hassad Alfani has seen his share of bad checks. As a provider of check cashing services to a diverse group of residents, his services are in great demand by both the individual short of cash and the neighborhood felon.  "I was getting so many bad checks, I considered limiting my services to Texas residents only.  The ID's looked official, but how do you tell a real hologram from a copy when the only thing you have to compare it to is a paper ID checking guide?" he lamented in a recent interview.
ID Laminations quickly determined his needs and supplied him lamination replicas for 16 state ID's that he commonly sees.  "One of these ID's are held by well over 95% of my customers.  For those with some ID that that I can't verify, I politely tell them to take there business elsewhere.  My bad checks related to fraud have been virtually eliminated", an ecstatic Hassad recently proclaimed.  "The cost of the verification cards and laminations paid for themselves in about 2 days" he claims.
Miami Ocean Rentals
Miami Ocean Rentals was a popular South Miami Beach company renting motorized water craft, wind surfing boards, surf boards and similar equipment.  While most of the equipment was returned, Richard Marantz was experiencing non-return rates of about .5%.  "When a Polaris runs about $4,500, it is a significant loss when a vehicle is not returned", Richard complained.  As expected, these units were almost always rented with fake IDs, leaving little hope for recovery.
Faced with losses that would result in rental price increases of 30%, a solution to this growing problem was needed to maintain the current price structure.  ID Laminations quickly supplied the business with lamination replicas to use to spot the counterfeit IDs being used.  Not only were equipment thefts reduced to almost zero once the fake IDs were easily identified, but a major criminal ring was uncovered that resulted in the return of two previously stolen water craft.  "These laminations were the best investments I ever made", claimed Richard when one of the water crafts was returned.