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We pride ourselves in offering MPID compliant laminations that are duplicates of the laminations used for the driver licenses in all 50 states.  We offer 2000 versions for all states, and in many cases prior versions for licenses that are valid in 2000.  We are continuously working with all verification card (MPID part one) manufacturers to ensure that we have a lamination for your card.  In fact, we GUARENTEE that if you've ordered a card with a valid MPID # and we don't have a lamination for your card, we'll create one within 5 business days!
While in many cases our laminations are exact replicas of the official laminations, this is not always the case.  There are 9 different lamination materials, two types of holograms, 4 types of OVDs and 5 types of special inks used in state drivers licenses.  Unfortunately, some of these materials are strictly controlled and cannot be obtained outside of govenment agencies.  The good news is that most of these materials are slight variations of items that can be obtained and are more than adequate for our purposes.  While our laminations are superior to those used on the vast majority of fake IDs and will help you spot the fakes, most (but not all) are not exact replicas.  For example, for those driver licenses that use a restricted YBG reflective OVDs we use the comercial YB OVD, but it would take an experianced law enforcemen officer to tell the difference.